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Best Luxury Hotels in Milwaukee – Locally Picked for Visitors in 2024

By: Melody

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin: A city where rich history and modern marvels coexist, an underrated destination filled with hidden treasures. 

As a local, I’ve had the privilege of uncovering the city’s secrets, exploring its quiet nooks, buzzing hubs, and luxury hotels. Milwaukee is a city with plenty of things to do, and we know you’ll love your Milwaukee adventure.

In this post, I want to guide you through some of Milwaukee’s most luxurious stays. These aren’t just hotels; they’re unique experiences, each with a touch of that special Milwaukee magic.

So join me as we navigate the elegant corridors and stunning vistas of Milwaukee’s best luxury hotels. Let’s uncover part of the charm that makes Milwaukee a must-visit destination. 

Quick Guide: Luxury Hotels in Milwaukee

#1 Top Pick

Image of inside of the Pfister Hotel lobby in Milwaukee WI

The Pfister Hotel

✔️ Gorgeous Architecture
✔️ 5-star service
✔️ Excellent Dining Options

#2 Pick

Image of The Trade Hotel towering next to the Fiserv Forum

The Trade

✔️ Newly built
✔️ Located in the Heart of Milwaukee
✔️ Roof-top Dining

#3 Pick

Image of the outside entrance into the Kimpton Journeyman Hotel in Milwaukee WI

The Kimpton Journeyman

✔️ Perfect Historic Third Ward Location
✔️ Year-Round Rooftop Bar
✔️ Pet Friendly

Where to Stay in Milwaukee

There are many beautiful neighborhoods to stay in Milwaukee, but a few are standouts for their location and availability of luxury accommodations.


East Town, Milwaukee’s cultural heart, is my go-to neighborhood for visitors. A lively blend of hotel options and a location perfect for walking to many of Milwaukee’s renowned attractions make it a standout choice. 

You’re just a short stroll from iconic sights like the Milwaukee Art Museum and Discovery World. And as the evening unfolds, East Town comes alive with dynamic dining spots such as Amilinda (James Beard nominated chef) and Lupi and Iris

The neighborhood pulses with community spirit, particularly at Cathedral Square Park, host to vibrant festivals and a bustling farmers’ market. East Town captures the essence of Milwaukee: diverse, walkable, and delightfully surprising.

Top Pick for Luxury Hotel in East Town: The Pfister Hotel

Historic Third Ward

This Historic Third Ward isn’t just one of Milwaukee’s oldest neighborhoods. It’s a lively cultural hub on the National Register of Historic Places, where every street whispers tales of our city’s past and present. 

Take it from a local: The Third Ward is a feast for your senses. Our city’s best eateries including Bavette La Boucherie are hidden amidst stunning historic architecture, a beautiful reminder of how the area has transformed over the past 40 years.

And if you want to venture to other neighborhoods, the Historic Third Ward is well-connected to our city’s bus and streetcar lines.

Top Pick for Luxury Hotel in The Historic Third Ward: The Kimpton Journeyman

Walker’s Point

Nestled in Milwaukee’s historic charm and contemporary culture is Walker’s Point. A personal favorite, this lively neighborhood is brimming with incredible dining spots such as Odd Duck and vibrant bars like Tin Widow.

Once a hub for bustling manufacturing, Walker’s Point has become a paradise for food and art enthusiasts. The repurposed industrial spaces now house a delightful mix of craft breweries, innovative restaurants, and inviting coffee shops. 

With its unique blend of the city’s past and present, Walker’s Point stands out as a culinary and cultural treasure. For any Milwaukee visit, exploring this neighborhood is an absolute must.

Top Pick for Luxury Hotel in Walker’s Point: The Iron Horse

Bay View

Nestled just a short drive from downtown, Bay View is a Milwaukee neighborhood I hold dear — after all, it’s the place I call home.

Bay View has a distinct neighborhood feel, boasting an array of attractions, all within easy walking distance. Its convenience extends beyond the neighborhood’s boundaries, too; you’re just a 10-15 minute drive or a short bus or rideshare ride from the heart of downtown.

Eclectic and vibrant, Bay View is a melting pot of diverse eateries (Lulu and Goodkind), trendy bars (Burnhearts), and unique shops (Ursa and Sparrow). The neighborhood hums with a hip, lively energy that will captivate you. Yet, amidst all the buzz, it retains a quiet charm, offering a peaceful haven away from the city’s faster pace.

So, if you’re seeking a taste of local life with a quieter rhythm yet with plenty to see and do, Bay View is the Milwaukee neighborhood for you.

Top Pick for Luxury Hotel in Bay View: Kinn Guesthouse

Best Luxury Hotels in Milwaukee 

The Pfister Hotel

Image of inside of the Pfister Hotel lobby in Milwaukee WI

Standing tall in Milwaukee’s skyline is a beacon of unparalleled luxury – The Pfister Hotel. This iconic establishment isn’t just a hotel; it’s a symbol of Milwaukee’s passion for excellence and grandeur. Celebrated as the best hotel in the city, The Pfister promises an experience that transcends the ordinary.

The interior of The Pfister Hotel is stunning, and it also holds the most extensive collection of European art outside of Europe. It’s a haven where traditional charm seamlessly merges with modern comfort, where every service is designed to make you feel like royalty.

Enjoy one of the best steaks in Milwaukee at The Mason Street Grill. Or grab an after-dinner drink while towering over the Milwaukee skyline at Blu Cocktail Lounge. It’s also home to a renowned spa, The Well Spa, a sanctuary of relaxation that completes the luxurious experience.

If you’re seeking an unforgettable stay in Milwaukee, The Pfister Hotel is more than a choice. It’s a decision to indulge in the finest that our city has to offer.

Image of bedroom example at the Pfister Hotel
Image of king size bed at the Pfister Hotel
Image of Mason Street Grill at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee WI
Image of couches in the lobby of the Pfister Hotel

Photos: The Pfister Hotel

The Trade

Image of The Trade Hotel towering next to the Fiserv Forum
Photo: The Trade

Immersed in the vibrant Deer District, a unique gem rises amidst the urban landscape – The Trade. This 9-story boutique hotel is a testament to Milwaukee’s pioneering spirit, a stunning blend of history and innovation.

Drawing inspiration from our industrious roots and forward-thinking ethos, The Trade is a salute to Milwaukee. It captures the energy that’s shaped our city and propels us into tomorrow.

You’ll find several exquisite dining options on-site, creating a truly immersive luxury experience. The rooftop restaurant Il Cervo is a standout favorite, where you can savor tantalizing flavors while enjoying stunning cityscape views.

Step into a guest room at The Trade and instantly feel the luxury in the air. Cozy, meticulously decorated spaces welcome you, setting the stage for unforgettable moments. The Trade isn’t just a hotel – it’s a love letter to Milwaukee, a destination you’ll relish every moment of.

King Bedroom with City View at The Trade Hotel
Lobby of the Trade Hotel in Milwaukee WI
Outdoor patio with gas firepits at The Trade Hotel
Bedroom at The Trade Hotel

Photos: The Trade Hotel

Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel

Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel is a boutique luxury hotel that focuses on celebrating arts and culture. It’s more than just a place to sleep; it’s an experience that fosters creativity and inspires the mind.

The hotel features its own gallery space, artist-designed rooms, and a theater that hosts various performances. Plus, it’s home to Proof Pizza, known for its delicious Neapolitan pizza.

Located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, Saint Kate is just steps away from popular attractions such as the Milwaukee RiverWalk, Fiserv Forum, and Marcus Performing Arts Center.

Image of bedroom at Saint Kate - The Art Hotel
Lobby of Saint Kate with a horse statue in the middle
Image of a small record player in each room at Saint Kate
Bedroom at Saint Kate

Photos: Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel

The Kimpton Journeyman

Image of the outside entrance into the Kimpton Journeyman Hotel in Milwaukee WI

The Kimpton Journeyman Hotel is a beacon of warmth nestled in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. Step inside and be greeted by the crackling of a welcoming fire and a charm that whispers, “You’re home.” but with a touch of luxury. 

Experiencing the Kimpton Journeyman is like embarking on a luxurious journey. The boutique hotel exudes the signature Kimpton elegance – exceptional service, plush beds, and chic toiletries. Each room is a canvas, showcasing beautiful art from local artists that spark fascinating conversations.

And for those traveling with their furry companions, Kimpton Journeyman welcomes pets with open arms and delightful amenities without additional charges.

Unwind in the serenity of their on-site restaurant, Tre Rivali. And make sure to visit The Outsider, their rooftop bar perched on the 9th floor. Visiting this stunning outdoor space is the perfect nightcap for your Milwaukee day. 

Image the front desk and fireplace in the lobby of the Kimpton Journeyman hotel
Image of The Outsider bar at night. Firepits and people sitting at bar
Image of room at the Kimpton Journeyman Hotel
Image of pool table in the lobby of The Kimpton Journeyman Hotel in Milwaukee

Photos: The Kimpton Journeyman

The Iron Horse

Perched in the lively Walker’s Point neighborhood, The Iron Horse Hotel is a fun hotel with both an artsy and industrial vibe. It harmoniously blends luxury with the raw essence of our city, offering a unique backdrop for your Milwaukee adventure.

Although a paradise for bikers at heart, The Iron Horse extends its warm welcome to all guests, creating a space that celebrates diversity and camaraderie.

Step into any of The Iron Horse’s rooms, and you’ll see a reflection of Milwaukee’s industrial heritage. This unique charm is elegantly paired with contemporary comforts like flat-screen TVs and complimentary Wi-Fi, ensuring your stay is as relaxing as it is intriguing.

With on-site dining, from hearty breakfasts to delicious dinners, you may not have to leave the hotel (although we think you should 😉)

When summer paints the town, The Iron Horse unveils one of Milwaukee’s most inviting outdoor patios, The Yard, for food and drinks. Choosing The Iron Horse Hotel means choosing a uniquely luxurious Milwaukee experience.

Image of room with single queen bed at The Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee WI
Image of Harley Davidson motorcycle in the lobby of The Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee WI
Image of leather bench seats and tables for two at the restaurant in The Iron Horse Hotel
Image of corner room at the Iron Horse hotel in Milwaukee WI

Photos: The Iron Horse

Kinn Guesthouse Bayview

The Kinn Guesthouse Bay View, nestled in one of Milwaukee’s favorite neighborhoods, offers a one-of-a-kind retreat where comfort meets local charm.

Perched in Bay View, an area renowned for its vibrant community spirit, the Kinn Guesthouse presents guestrooms with top-tier comforts. Imagine sinking into luxurious Brooklinen bedding after a day exploring the city or delighting in locally made soaps from Ursa in your private bathroom. Plus, with keyless access, your stay is as effortless as it is comfortable.

On the premises, you’ll find Sorella, a restaurant and bar perfect for savoring mouthwatering meals and sipping delightful cocktails. The outdoor terrace and courtyard beckon for sun-soaked relaxation.

The Kinn Guesthouse Bay View is the ideal sanctuary for those looking to dive into Milwaukee’s neighborhoods beyond downtown yet remain just a quick cab ride away from the hustle and bustle. It’s a perfect slice of Milwaukee charm.

Image of bed in the Kinn Guesthouse Bay View
Image of room in Kinn Guesthouse Bay View showing cream city brick and a white wall with TV hanging
Image of shared kitchen space with state of the art appliances at the Kinn Guesthouse
Image of a white subway tiled bathroom in Kinn Guesthouse Bay View

Photos: Kinn Guesthouse Bay View

Other Best Hotels in Milwaukee

The below hotels don’t scream luxury like you may be looking for, but they are boutique hotels worth your consideration. 

Pick one of these if you want a truly unique experience in Milwaukee. 

Brewhouse Inn and Suites

Image of copper brewing kettles in the Brewhouse Inn and Suites in Milwaukee WI

The Brewhouse Inn & Suites is a testament to Milwaukee’s cherished beer-brewing heritage. This historic establishment, once a brewery, now welcomes guests under the stained glass gaze of the beer brewing’s patron saint.

What makes this hotel truly special are the original features of the old brewery that it meticulously preserves. The highlight? The original copper brewing kettles are breathtaking for anyone who loves brewing!

Whether you’re seeking a cozy studio or a spacious two-bedroom suite, you’ll find the perfect accommodation to fit your needs, complete with an in-room kitchen.

Begin each day with a complimentary breakfast, and explore the outdoor terrace, fitness area, and business center at your leisure. A stay at The Brewhouse Inn & Suites isn’t just about luxury – it’s about experiencing a slice of Milwaukee’s rich brewing history.

Image of bedroom at the Brewhouse Inn and Suites
Image of exterior of the Brewhouse Inn and Suites exterior at night with neon Pabst sign
Image of lobby of Brewhouse Inn and Suites with copper brew kettles
Image of two chairs facing each other with a painting of a B in the background representing the Best Family who started Pabst Brewery

Photos: Brewhouse Inn and Suites

The Dubble Dutch

Image of the outside of the Dubbel Dutch hotel in Milwaukee WI

The Dubbel Dutch is a jewel that marries contemporary elegance with a touch of old-world charm – the perfect retreat for couples seeking a unique getaway.

Just a stone’s throw away from the stunning Lake Michigan waterfront, the location of this boutique hotel is unparalleled. Attractions like the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Historic Third Ward are just a pleasant walk away, connecting you to the city’s vibrant culture.

The Dubbel Dutch has a rich history dating back to 1898. After escaping demolition in 1985, this property stood forgotten until it was reimagined as the beautiful hotel it is today, a place where history and modernity dance together in harmony.

Inside, many rooms feature decorative, historic ornamental fireplaces, adding a romantic touch. With less than 10 rooms, The Dubbel Dutch assures an intimate, personalized Milwaukee experience. Prepare to be enchanted by its charm and comfort.

The Hilton Garden Inn Downtown

The Hilton Garden Inn Milwaukee Downtown might surprise you. Be aware of the name; this isn’t your standard Hilton. Housed in one of downtown Milwaukee’s most architecturally stunning buildings, it’s steeped in our city’s rich history.

Located at the city’s heart, the Hilton Garden Inn positions you perfectly to explore Milwaukee’s vibrant culture. Attractions like the Milwaukee Art Museum and Lakeshore State Park are just a casual stroll away. And as night falls, you’re right on the doorstep of the city’s bustling nightlife.

Inside, you’ll find a welcoming restaurant and bar ready to satiate your culinary cravings and a fitness center to keep your wellness regime on track.

Image of corner room at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown with tall windows
Image of the exterior of the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown at night
Image of vault/safe in the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Milwaukee
Image of king bed in the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown

Photos: Hilton Garden Inn Downtown