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Printable Road Trip Bingo Cards (No Email required!) 

By: Craig

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Road trip bingo is the perfect game for a long car ride. 

It gives the kids a chance to leave the tablets behind for a bit and engages them with the world that is passing by them.

Car trip bingo is also a perfect game as it’s easy to learn, doesn’t take up a lot of space, and can be played repeatedly.  

Free Printable Road Trip Bingo Cards for the Car Ride

Click the image below to access 10 free printable road trip bingo cards.  

Image of road trip bingo card

Click Here to Download: 10-Free Car Ride Bingo Cards

How to Play Road Trip Bingo

Not quite sure how to play road trip bingo?  It’s super easy and fun for both kids and adults.

What do you need to play Road Trip Bingo?

There are also apps for road trip bingo, so if that is easier and everyone has a tablet, that option is available to you. 

Road Trip Bingo Game Play Instructions

  1. Give a bingo card to each player
  2. After everyone has their card, start the game by having the players look out the windows and try to find the items on their bingo cards
  3. Each player crosses off the objects on their card as they see them
  4. The first person to get a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line and yells BINGO, wins
  5. You can end the game here and start again or continue playing until someone gets another bingo or their entire card is crossed out. 

Optional: Grab small prizes from a place like a dollar store to give out.