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Wisconsin Brewery Map – Digital Map for On-the-Go Access

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Looking for a new brewery to try in Wisconsin? Check out our map of all the Wisconsin breweries currently in operation. From small nano-breweries to large production facilities, there’s something for everyone!

Wisconsin has a rich history in brewing that started back in the 1840s. and today, there are over 150 breweries in operation across the state! So whether you’re a laid-back lager lover or a hop-head with a hankering for some heavy IPAs, there’s no shortage of great beers to try.

This map was born out of our love for exploring new breweries when we travel throughout the state.

And to make it easier to find the nearest brewery during our travels we put together this map. This map is great to have at our fingertips when we are on the road and wanted to share the convenience with you.

So no matter where you are in Wisconsin, there’s likely a nearby brewery to explore!

Check out our map of Wisconsin breweries to find your next favorite brew! Cheers!

We do our best to keep this map up-to-date. But things are constantly changing. Be sure to double-check the brewery is open before you arrive!

Wisconsin Brewery Map

How to Use This Map: Click on the icon on the top left-hand corner. You will now see a list of all of the breweries in Wisconsin.

For more info on each, click on the map icons.

To see the map in more detail, click on the [ ] in the top right-hand corner. This will open a larger map where the details of each point can be found by clicking on the location point name in the list on the left.

You can also save the map for your own use by clicking the⭐ next to the map name. This will save the map to your Google Maps, where you can make a copy and use it for your own trip planning.

To view the saved map on your phone, open Google Maps, click “saved” on the bottom, and then “maps” on the lower right.

Do you want to create your own Google Map? Check Out How to Create a Custom Google Map

Wisconsin Brewery Facts

What is the Oldest Brewery in Wisconsin?

Minhas Craft Brewery in Monroe, WI

Minhas Craft Brewery is the oldest brewery in Wisconsin. It got its start as Monroe Brewing Company in 1845. Over the last 170 years, the brewery has changed hands several times and undergone numerous transformations, but it’s still going strong today!

Minhas Craft Brewery is a must-visit for any beer lover visiting Wisconsin. Head on over, take a tour, check out their taproom, and sample a few beers.

What Beer Made Milwaukee Famous?


Schlitz earned its nickname “the beer that made Milwaukee famous” in 1871 when the Chicago fire ravaged the city just south of Milwaukee.

While the fire destroyed most of Chicago’s breweries, Schlitz was able to keep brewing and sent thousands of barrels of beer to help the relief effort. This act of goodwill made Milwaukee and Schlitz a household name.

If you’re in Milwaukee, visit the old Schlitz brewery complex, which is now the home of the Milwaukee County Historical Society.

You can also find Schlitz on tap at many bars throughout the city. So raise a glass to one of Milwaukee’s classic beers!

What is the Largest Brewery in Wisconsin?

Miller-Coors in Milwaukee, WI

Located in what is known as Miller Valley along the Menomonee River, Miller started its Milwaukee operation in 1855.

The Milwaukee facility is currently the largest brewery in Wisconsin, covering over 60 acres and employing around 1,200 people.

If you’re interested in learning more about Miller’s rich history, they offer tours of the brewery.

During the tour, you’ll get to see the brewing process up close, check out the historic caves where beer was once stored, and end with a beer tasting in the taproom. So whether you’re a beer lover or just curious about one of Milwaukee’s most iconic brands, a visit to Miller-Coors is sure to be a fun experience!

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