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Image of Car with hatchback open and camping supplies in trunk. People sitting in distance along a lake

The Ultimate Camping Road Trip Packing List

Are you planning a camping road trip and don’t know what to pack? You’re in luck! We have been road tripping and camping along the way for the past few years and have perfected our camping road trip packing list. We’ve put together a list of the essential items you

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Image of man driving a car on a road trip

Best Road Trip Gift Ideas for Adventure Lovers

Are you looking for that perfect gift for the special person in your life who always seems to be traveling? Sure, they might have the basics, but what would make their road trips more comfortable, efficient, and safer? Or maybe you can enhance their overall experience in ways they never

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Mechanic pouring oil into car before road trip

How to Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip

Getting ready to hit the open road for your next big adventure? Road tripping around the U.S. has become a favorite pastime for many in recent years. It’s inexpensive, lets you go at your own pace, and shows you the landscape in ways flying simply can’t. Up ahead, we’ll go

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Snowy Road

Best Weather App for Your Road Trip

As you are about to embark on your road trip, you’ll probably want to know what kind of weather you’ll encounter along your route.  Knowing the driving conditions in advance of your road trip will help you choose the safest route and give you peace of mind.  We realized the

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