Image of Amnicon Falls in Amnicon Falls State Park Wisconsin

Chase Waterfalls in These Wisconsin State Parks

By: Craig

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Wisconsin State Parks + waterfalls = pure bliss!

Waterfall chasing in Wisconsin is one of our favorite things on our Wisconsin outdoor adventures. And the amazing state parks in Wisconsin make accessing some of these waterfalls easy for everyone.

Many falls are accessible from parking areas. And the ones that require a bit of a hike all have well-maintained trails that don’t require climbing over rocks and tree roots. The state parks below have done a fantastic job making these gorgeous waterfalls places we can enjoy.

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Let’s dive into the 6 Wisconsin State Parks with waterfalls to explore. 

Six Wisconsin State Parks with Waterfalls

Pattison State Park

Image of Big Manitou Falls in Pattison State Park. Falls surrounded by green trees

Location: Northeast Wisconsin near Superior, WI

Name of Falls: Big Manitou and Little Manitou Falls

Hiking Distance to Falls: Both falls are accessible with a short hike from parking areas. You can do a 3-mile loop hike that brings you past both falls.

Pattison State Park is home to Wisconsin’s tallest waterfall. Big Manitou Falls plummets 165 feet. It’s also the fourth tallest waterfall in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains. 

The park also is home to Little Manitou Falls. While not nearly as tall as Big Manitou, at LIttle Manitou Falls, you can access a beautiful viewing point that lets you get close enough to the falls to feel their spray. 

Image of Little Manitou falls in Pattison State Park Wisconsin

Viewing these falls does not require much of a hike as both are easily accessible from their respective parking areas. If you are up for a hike, a nice 3-mile loop connects the two falls. This loop follows the Black River and takes you past Interfalls Lake.

Amnicon Falls State Park

Image of Amnicon falls near Superior WI

Location: Northeast Wisconsin near Superior, WI

Name of Falls: Amnicon Falls, Snake Pit Falls, Now and Then Falls, and Lower Amnicon Falls

Hiking Distance to Falls: You can view Amnicon falls from the parking area. 10 min walk to view all falls.

While not the largest falls in Wisconsin, we think the waterfalls at Amnicon Falls State Park are the most picturesque.

This is a gorgeous spot in Northern Wisconsin where each time you turn your head, your jaw will drop at the beautiful scenery surrounding you. 

These falls are very accessible. With a 10-minute walk, you can view all of the falls. But be warned, you will need much more time because you’ll stop every 10 feet to take in their beauty. 

Copper Falls State Park

Image of Brownstone Falls in Copper Falls State Park Wisconsin

Location: Northeast Wisconsin near Mellen, WI

Name of Falls: Brownstone Falls, Tyler Forks Cascades, Copper Falls, and Red Granite Falls

Hiking Distance to view Falls: 1.7 miles to loop around and view Brownstone Falls, Tyler Forks Cascades, and Copper Falls. 2.5 miles to view Red Granite Falls

Copper Falls State Park is one of the best state parks in Wisconsin. It’s got this ranking because of its gorgeous waterfalls and the trail system that allows you to explore the majestic fall.

If you head to Copper Falls State Park and only have time for one of the two hikes, the Doughboy Trail is the one to pick. This 1.7-mile loop brings you to several viewpoints to take in Copper Falls, Brownstone Falls, and Tyler Forks cascades. You will also cross several bridges to view the falls from several angles. 

At every viewpoint along this hike, you will ask yourself, “Is this place for real?”.

Now, if you have some extra time, do not miss out on Red Granite Falls. While the falls along the Doughboy trail are stunning, you can only see them from a distance. If you make the 2.5-mile trek (round trip) to see Red Granite Falls, you will be rewarded with a chance to get up close and personal with the falls. 

Image of Craig sitting on a rock viewing Red Granite Falls in Copper Falls State Park Wisconsin

The hike to Red Granite Falls isn’t all too exciting. It’s more of an easy hike through a forest with a few ups and downs. But it’s well worth it, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. 

Willow River State Park

Location: Hudson, WI

Name of Falls: Willow Falls

Hiking Distance to view Falls: 0.4 miles 

Willow River State Park is home to a multi-tiered waterfall easily accessed by two hiking options. These falls are a popular attraction, especially in summer when you’ll likely find people wading in the water. 

The shortest hike to the falls is 0.4 miles, but it’s down a steep, well-maintained trail that will get the heart pumping on your way back up. 

A scenic trail1.0 mile trail also starts at the campground around site 200. This path takes you along the shoreline of Little Falls Lake and makes its way down to the falls below. This is an easy hike on the way down along a well-maintained and wide path.

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Interstate State Park

Location: St Croix Falls, WI

Name of Falls: Silverbrook Falls 

Hiking Distance to view Falls: 2.4 miles round trip

While not known for its waterfall, Silverbrook Falls, Interstate State Park does have a waterfall, so it’s appropriate to put it on this list. 

Interstate State Park is Wisconsin’s oldest state park, established in 1900. Its location along the St Croix National Scenic Riverway makes it a popular park for scenic views. In the park, you’ll enjoy views of the steep gorge called the Dalles of the St. Croix.

Now let’s get to the falls.

The trail to Silverbrook Falls is perfect for wildlife viewing due to its remote location. You will pass the remains of an old copper mine and the Silverbrook Mansion on your way to view the falls.

Silverbrook Falls is not the most impressive falls in the state, but it’s worth an excursion if you happen to be in the area and are looking to log a few miles.

Governor Dodge State Park

Location: Dodgeville, WI

Name of Falls: Stephen’s Falls

Hiking Distance to view Falls:0.3 miles

At nearly 5,000 acres, Governor Dodge State Park is one of the largest state parks in Wisconsin.

Its location in Wisconsin’s driftless area results in a fun hilly area and is one of the best state parks for hiking in Wisconsin

And in addition to the great hikes, you can easily see a Stephen’s Falls with a short 0.3 hike jaunt. 
And if you are looking for more hiking, you can find a wonderful 8.3-mile hike detailed in the book Wisconsin Hiking. Or has a similar detailed path.