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Wisconsin Waterfall Map + 2 Waterfall Tour Itineraries

By: Craig

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Wisconsin has so many great natural sights, including its fair share of waterfalls.

While these falls may be considered small in comparison to the great waterfalls like Niagara Falls, that doesn’t mean they aren’t special.

Wisconsin waterfalls can be found amongst lush green forests, giant bluffs, and narrow gorges and are a joy to explore. Some are easily accessible while some require a bit of an adventure.

When planning our trips to explore Wisconsin and its waterfalls, we couldn’t find an online resource that showed us a map of all of the waterfalls and advice on how to explore them.

We decided to create a waterfall map to use when adventuring around Wisconsin. We also planned a few recent road trips geared specifically towards waterfall chasing and included those itineraries here as well.

Happy Wisconsin waterfalling!

Wisconsin Waterfall  Map

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Learn to Create Your Own Map Here: How to Plan a Trip with Google Maps

Best Time of Year to Visit Wisconsin Waterfalls

April, May, and June are the best months to visit Wisconsin waterfalls. During this time of year, the water levels are typically the highest. And high water creates roaring waterfalls.

And if we’ve had a rainy summer, another great time would be late September or October. During the fall you can experience both the rushing waterfalls and the changing fall colors. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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Wisconsin Waterfall Tour Itineraries

Many of the waterfalls in Wisconsin can be found in Northern Wisconsin.

Therefore, we focused on creating two waterfall tour itineraries that explore the Northwest and Northeast Wisconsin waterfalls.

For more info on Wisconsin Waterfalls, the book Waterfalling in Wisconsin: The Complete Guide to Waterfalls in the Badger State is a great resource to help you plan and take with you on your trip. We suggest taking it with you on all your Wisconsin waterfall adventures as it gives detailed information on how to find each waterfall.

This book provides day trip itineraries for 24 areas around the state as well as details on how to get to each waterfall site. It’s a must-have resource for your Wisconsin waterfall adventures

Northeast Wisconsin Waterfall Tour Itinerary

The waterfalls of Northeast Wisconsin and wild and rugged. This adventure will take you through beautiful county parks and as well as unpaved forest roads.

If you are looking for an adventure, and don’t mind going off the beaten path to find some of these waterfalls, then this Northeastern Wisconsin Waterfall Tour is for you.

You can see the waterfalls of Northeast Wisconsin with a 2-3 day road trip. Many of the waterfalls are located in Marinette County also known as the “Waterfall Capital of Wisconsin”.

We had a blast on this waterfall road trip we took towards the end of April. The water levels were high enough to produce some powerful waterfalls. And since it was the offseason, there weren’t any people around even on the weekend.

Day 1:

Drive Time: 2 hours
Total Miles: 70 miles
Time Recommended for Tour: 4-6 hours

  • Veteran’s Park
  • McClintock Rapids
  • Strong Falls (Goodman Park)
  • Carney Rapids
  • Four Foot Falls
  • Eighteen Foot Falls
  • Twelve Foot and Eight Foot Falls
  • Horseshoe Falls
  • Dave’s Falls
  • Bull Falls

Day 2:

Driving Time: 1hrs
Total Miles: 40 miles
Time Recommended for Tour: 3 – 5 hrs

  • Quiver Falls
  • Long Slide Falls
  • Smalley Falls
  • Pier’s Gorge
  • LaSalle Falls

Northeast Wisconsin Waterfall Tour: 15 Waterfalls in 2 days

Northwest Wisconsin Waterfall Tour Itinerary

Northwest Wisconsin has some of the best waterfalls in Wisconsin. And luckily many of these waterfalls are in Wisconsin State Parks making them easy to view and appreciate.

This Northwest Wisconsin waterfall itinerary includes the largest waterfall in Wisconsin, Big Manitou Falls in Pattison State Park.

Day 1:

Driving Time: 2hrs
Total Miles: 95 miles
Time Recommended for Tour: 4 – 6 hrs

Falls to See:

  • Big and Little Manitou Falls (Pattison State Park)
  • Amnicon Falls (Amnicon State Park)
  • Lost Creek Falls
  • Houghton Falls

Day 2:

Driving Time: 2hrs 30 min
Total Miles: 100 miles
Time Recommended for Tour: 5 – 7 hrs

Falls to See:

  • Superior Falls
  • Saxon Falls
  • Interstate Falls
  • Peterson Falls
  • Gile Falls
  • Upson Falls
  • Foster Falls
  • Potato River Falls
  • Copper Falls and Brownstone Falls (Copper Falls State Park)
  • Morgan Falls

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Wisconsin Waterfall FAQ’s

What is the Tallest Waterfall in Wisconsin?

The tallest waterfall in Wisconsin is Big Manitou Falls in Pattison State Park.
Big Manitou Falls comes in at a whopping 165 feet tall which is 65 feet taller than any other waterfall in Wisconsin. It’s also the fourth tallest waterfall East of the Rocky Mountain Range.

So if you are in the area, don’t miss out on checking out this gem.

Which Wisconsin State Parks have Waterfalls?

These Wisconsin State Parks have beautiful waterfalls for you to explore:
– Willow River State Park
– Copper Falls State Park
– Amnicon Falls State Park
– Pattison State Park
– Governor Dodge State Park
– Interstate State Park

For more details on these, check out our post on Wisconsin State Parks with Waterfalls.

Are there Waterfalls in Door County, WI?

Unfortunately, there are no waterfalls in Door County, WI. The nearest Wisconsin waterfall mecca is Marinette Country. Marinette County is known as the “Waterfall Capital of the Wisconsin”. Find out how with the Wisconsin waterfall tour itinerary