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Image inside of a brewery tasting room

Best Craft Breweries in Milwaukee: From a Local’s Perspective

Milwaukee, Wisconsin earned the nickname “Brew City” nearly two centuries ago from the early beer barons who settled in the area. Names like Frederick Miller, Jacob Best, Captain Pabst, and Joseph Schlitz are revered in the city’s rich brewing heritage.  Many of these macro breweries have survived by changing and

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11 Hiking Trails in Wisconsin with Waterfalls

There are a surprising amount of waterfalls in Wisconsin for you to explore. Many of which are accessible by a short jaunt from a parking lot. But sometimes you want to put in a little work and be rewarded with a breathtaking waterfall. That’s where this list of waterfall hikes

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Image of WI outline with waterfall in it

Wisconsin Waterfall Map + 2 Waterfall Tour Itineraries

Wisconsin has so many great natural sights, including its fair share of waterfalls. While these falls may be considered small in comparison to the great waterfalls like Niagara Falls, that doesn’t mean they aren’t special. Wisconsin waterfalls can be found amongst lush green forests, giant bluffs, and narrow gorges and

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Explore 15 Waterfalls on this Wisconsin Waterfall Road Trip

If you love waterfalls then a trip to Northeastern Wisconsin might be the perfect option. In Marinette County, the waterfall capital of Wisconsin, you’ll find beautiful waterfalls both hidden and easy to find. All of these waterfalls are relatively close together and don’t require miles and miles of hiking to

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